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  • Impressions of Portugal

  • Impressions of Portugal

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  • Highlights from a Great American Road Trip

    Late this summer I took off with the Dutchman on a classic American road trip. Beginning in Detroit, we looped up through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and continued across the country all the way to Southern California. It was a beautiful ride cruising from the American Midwest, to the open plains, into the Rockies, and over to the Mojave Desert. Throughout the five-thousand mile trek, we camped and hiked…

  • Getting Wet with a GoPro: Lessons from an Underwater Photoshoot in Lake Michigan

    It’s a shame to spend $200 on a dress you’re only going to wear once. Especially for a minimalist like myself. So when a cousin’s wedding came and went a few weeks ago, I knew I just had to do something more with my blue full-length bridesmaid’s gown. An underwater photoshoot was in order. Fellow photographer Ruben Lammerink and I headed up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula…

  • Traveling Light: Finding Meaning in Minimalism

    I grew up in a lovely historical Middle-American home overflowing with collections of antiques a little too reminiscent of an episode of Hoarders. Acquiring things was encouraged. Eclectic chaos and clutter was the norm. Children tend to carry on the lifestyles of their upbringing, or they rebel into opposition. I was destined to become a hoarder. Or a minimalist. I chose the latter, and by my mid-twenties I began…

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