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A Long Weekend in Ireland Ends With a Dublin Photowalk

Earlier this month I caught a flight to Dublin. My first time traveling to Ireland, I really looked forward to getting a glimpse of the city over a long weekend before continuing on to Amsterdam. Despite the chilly time of year, the city was bustling and beautiful.

After such a long flight, I took it easy and wandered the city on foot while snapping mobiles now and then. Dublin was everything I wanted it to be: beautiful history and architecture, warm people, great music, and awesome beer.

A photo posted by Hillary Fox (@hillaryfox) on

A photo posted by Hillary Fox (@hillaryfox) on

A photo posted by Hillary Fox (@hillaryfox) on

On my last night in Dublin, I hosted a photowalk with the help of Dublin’s Photography Meetup. A great group of photographers gathered in the heart of Temple Bar, a vibrant section of the city buzzing with nightlife.


We ended up at Trinity College and photographed the beautiful campus before finishing the night at a local pub. I met talented photographers like Diego Diaz and Eric Scraggs, among many others. It’s always wonderful to connect with like-minded photographers from around the world.


The Irish are some of the most polite and welcoming people I’ve ever encountered. I highly recommend a visit to this great city! Be sure to check out future international photowalks and workshops for an event near you.