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Now Seeking Models in Cape Town, South Africa

Interested in modeling in South Africa? I’m currently in Cape Town seeking models to grow my lifestyle portfolio. All ages, races, and body types are encouraged to inquire, and we’ll plan a shoot around you!

Because I’m a stock photographer with Stocksy United, I’m able to offer free photoshoots in exchange for the rights to license the images from our shoot. This simply means you’ll sign an industry-standard model release, and your images could end up being used in commercial advertising, like a corporate brochure, magazine, or even a billboard. It’s a great way to build your own modeling portfolio.

You’ll also get a copy of all the edited images from your shoot, which you’re free to use in your portfolio, or share on social media. Check out my portfolio here.

What I’m Looking For

I’m interested in working with a variety of models, both experienced and professional, for everyday lifestyle portraits. That might include beach shoots, portraits with your friends in and around Cape Town, outdoor fitness themes, or family portraits in your own home, just to name a few examples.


Book a Photoshoot

Ready to book a shoot in Cape Town? Get in touch to schedule a shoot today. I’m available in Cape Town through March 2016.