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Now Seeking Models in Cape Town, South Africa

Interested in modeling in South Africa? I’m currently in Cape Town seeking models to grow my lifestyle portfolio. All ages, races, and body types are encouraged to inquire, and we’ll plan a shoot around you! Read more →

Photoshoots & Lighting Workshops at Studio 13 in Amsterdam

This month I teamed up with Dutch photographer Ruben Lammerink to host a series of photography events at the renowned Studio 13 in Amsterdam. With a vaulted glass ceiling and bright natural light, the daylight studio at Studio 13 has become my favorite space to shoot in all of Holland. Read more →

Underwater with a GoPro: Experiments in Lake Michigan

It’s a shame to spend $200 on a dress you’re only going to wear once. Especially for a minimalist like myself. So when a cousin’s wedding came and went a few weeks ago, I knew I just had to do something more with my blue full-length bridesmaid’s gown. An underwater photoshoot was in order.

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PRO TIP: Use a Reflector To Add Life To Your Outdoor Photo Shoot

Much of my photography is shot outdoors in purely natural light. I find it more rewarding to work with shifting sunlight, shadows, and reflections than within a controlled studio environment. As the color and quality of natural light changes and the photo shoot progresses the photographer must keep pace with the whims of the sky. Chasing this natural light is a joy and artform in itself. Read more →