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Exploring Morocco: From Marrakech to the Sahara in 45 Pictures

We landed in Casablanca on March 15th, eager to spend the coming week exploring Morocco. This was my first trip to a North African country, and I planned to get a sweeping  overview of everything Morocco has to offer—a power-scouting trip for future, deeper excursions. Read more →

Highlights from a Great American Road Trip

Late this summer I took off with the Dutchman on a classic American road trip. Beginning in Detroit, we looped up through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and continued across the country all the way to Southern California. It was a beautiful ride cruising from the American Midwest, to the open plains, into the Rockies, and over to the Mojave Desert. Read more →

Traveling Light: Finding Meaning in Minimalism

I grew up in a lovely historical Middle-American home overflowing with collections of antiques a little too reminiscent of an episode of Hoarders. Acquiring stuff was encouraged. Eclectic chaos and clutter was the norm. Children tend to carry on the lifestyles of their upbringing, or they rebel into opposition. I was destined to become a hoarder. Or a minimalist.

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The Upside To Getting Stranded: Alone In the Desert And Locked Out of My Car

It was just after summer in 2011, and I had spent months traveling solo throughout the Southwest USA. For weeks I’d been camping in all the best national parks—Zion, Valley of Fire, Death Valley—hiking and exploring, meeting interesting people, and enjoying the peacefulness of the expansive desert. After more than 7,000 miles on the road, my trip was winding down. I descended back into civilization, checking into a hotel in downtown Las Vegas. Read more →

A Short Lesson In Living It Up: The Day I Ditched My Flight & Drove 500 Miles to California

It was just before 5AM on a Wednesday in Metro Detroit. I was up before dawn getting ready for the 45 minute drive from my hometown to the airport. It was the day before I was due to visit Facebook Headquarters in California, and I had a flight to catch.

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